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Rivets are used to replace traditional nut and bolt or welding applications because rivets improve speed and efficiency for nearly all assembly processes. There are a variety of types of rivets that may be used depending on the application including blind rivets, drive rivets, expanding rivets, bulbing rivets, solid rivets, structural rivets, non-structural rivets, semi-tubular rivets, military specification rivets, mate rivets, pull-thru rivets and other specialty rivets. Rivets are made from a variety of materials including an assortment of alloys, nylon, plastic and more. Rivets have many varieties of finishes that include painted, various plating and protective oils.
Blind Rivets are commonly known as Pop Rivets and cover a wide spectrum of designs. They are extremely popular because installation can be completed with access from only a single side of the application; hence the name “Blind Rivet”
Mate Rivets are used for long fastening applications where a wide grip variation in the application is large and thick between layers of assembled materials.
Pull-Thru Rivets are used in applications where the fastener sets flush on both sides of the application and the center mandrel is completely removed through the installation process.
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