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Monobolt Style Rivets


Monobolt Rivets | Mechanical Locking Monobolt Style Rivets - Bay Supply Fasteners, Rivets, Tool Parts

Monobolt rivets are a type of multi-grip, structural breakstem fasteners with external locking mechanisms for quick & easy inspections. They are high strength, excellent hole fill fasteners that provide substantial gap closing capabilities.

Monobolt rivets have high shear and tensile strength with a stem that mechanically locks. They can reduce fastener inventory for simpler stock control because of the flexible grip ranges and strength that can replace the use of multiple, lower strength fasteners.

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Advantages of Monobolt Rivets

Multi-grip means the monobolt rivets can join component parts having a broad range of thicknesses, thus reducing inventory where a variety of rivet sizes might otherwise be necessary. Hole filling means the rivet will expand radially into the application hole to provide a secure, vibration resistant joint and compensate for irregular, oversized, slotted, or misaligned holes. Also, it can stop sheet movement in applications with non-standard holes.

Other Advantages:

  • Good sheet take-up performance
  • Visible lock for quick and easy inspection
  • Wide choice of installation tools
  • Can stop sheet movement in non-standard holes
  • Large gap closing capability

Applications and Assembly for Monobolt Rivets

Typical assembly material for monobolt rivets include metal to metal and metal to plastic. Monobolt rivets are used for a variety of different applications including:

  • Automotive
  • Cabinets and enclosures
  • Commercial vehicles
  • Domestic appliances & HVAC.

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