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Bulbing Rivets


Bulb Tite Rivets | Bulbex Blind Rivets - Bay Supply Fasteners, Rivets, Tool Parts

Bulb tite rivets are bulbing rivets with a body that splits to form wide-spread legs to create a large secondary head on the blind side of fastened material. This provides a more substantial load spread on the bearing surface. This rivet offers maximum support for brittle, soft or ductile material applications; such as plastics.

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Features of Bulb Tite Rivets

Bulb tite rivets offer larger grip ranges than standard blind rivets with similarities to the traditional "Multi-Grip" style ranges and the added benefit of filling slightly oversized or irregular holes (reduced vibration). They are popular fasteners with brittle materials because the broad secondary head on the blind side resists pulling through or cracking.

The wider than normal grip range provides the capability to join parts having a broad range of thicknesses, thus reducing inventory where a variety of rivet sizes might otherwise be necessary. The sizeable blind side footprint creates a load bearing surface which absorbs the force of setting the rivet.

Bulb Tite Rivets Assembly and Applications

The design and fashion in which the bulb tite rivet body collapses prevents any radial expansion of the rivet into the application hole - another safeguard against damage to the application material.

Bulb Tite Rivets Assembly Material:

  • Metal to metal
  • Plastic to plastic
  • Plastic to metal
  • Metal rear sheet
  • Plywood to hardwood.

Bulb Tite Rivets Typical Applications:

  • Domestic appliances
  • Plastic components
  • Automotive and Caravans/RV.

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