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Q Locking Style Rivets


Lock Rivets | Blind Friction Lock Q Rivets - Bay Supply Fasteners, Rivets, Tool Parts The Q Rivet is a structural blind rivet with an internal interference lock and a weatherproof seal. The Interference lock is formed by a splined mandrel that plugs the entire length of the body, providing powerful locking strength and a strong, vibration resistant joint. The rivet is any-rattle and weatherproof making it ideal for: Automotive Warehouse racking Ladders Building industries Commercial vehicles Domestic appliances Heating and ventilation.

For ultimate performance the Q Rivet relies on a friction lock in the body and a uniquely designed mandrel head. The internal friction lock occurs when locking grooves on the mandrel slide along the inner wall of the rivet body during installation. The locking grooves scrape material from the rivet wall and the loose material accumulates in the grooves. This helps to lock the mandrel in place once the rivet is installed.

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Features of the Q Rivet

  • Interference lock formed by a splined stem provides powerful locking strength and hole filling
  • Weatherproof fastener because the splined stem plugs the entire length of the shell
  • High shear and tensile strength
  • All stainless steel option for high corrosion resistance and applications requiring elevated temperatures
  • Ideal for thin sheet materials
  • No damage, electrical problems or rattling due to loose stems

Assembly Materials

  • Metal to metal
  • Metal to plastic

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