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T (Peel) Style Rivets


Peel Rivets | Tri-Fold & Quad-Fold T Rivets - Bay Supply Fasteners, Rivets, Tool Parts T Rivets are tri-fold, quad-fold or peel rivets designed for structural and similar high strength applications, T-Rivets have exceptional pull-up properties and provide high tensile and shear strength.

Peel Rivets have a unique setting action, suitable for joining plastics, rubber, wood, GRP and laminates. On setting, the body splits into petals, withstanding high pull-out loads. Rivets are made of aluminum 3.5% magnesium alloy with carbon steel mandrels.

T (Peel) Style Rivets: Found 298 Item(s)

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General Features of the T Rivet

  • Clamping loads spread over wide area, avoiding damage to vulnerable materials
  • Tolerance of over-sized holes
  • Sets with standard blind rivet hand or power riveting tools
  • Can draw together and clamp components even when poorly aligned

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