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Plastic Rivets


Plastic Rivets are precision-molded, all nylon, blind rivets that works very much like a bulbing style metal POP rivet. They are used by auto manufacturers for both original equipment and replacement parts and can be used in a variety of other applications.

Plastic Rivets fasten plastic to plastic, plastic to metal and plastic to fiberglass. As they set, three legs form to securely lock the components in place and prevent pullout. Plastic Rivets are ideal for non-conductive and non-corrosive environments.

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Plastic Rivets | Precision Molded Plastic POP Rivets - Bay Supply Fasteners, Rivets, Tool Parts

What Are Plastic Rivets Used For? 

If you’ve ever built a complex piece of Ikea furniture or a PC, you've probably encountered some plastic rivets. They are the bit screw-like components of your hardware that you can push into place to seal two pieces together. 


Rivets usually consist of two different parts. There is the rivet or screw and then a receiving mechanism that can come in many shapes, sizes and functions. The type of rivet you use will have a lot to do with the material you're binding together. 


If you have a softer material like rubber, plastic or urethane, it will call for a different rivet model compared to rigid materials like metal and wood. Plastic rivets can also be called plastic rivet fasteners. They are typically found in furniture, appliances and computers, as well as the electronics, construction, toy and automotive industry. 


Completing a build or a project correctly will have a lot to do with the size of the rivet you choose. Choosing plastic rivets that are too small will only lead to subpar bonds and unstable construction. 


Different Models of Plastic Rivets

Like any construction component, plastic rivet fasteners come in many different styles. The main thing that separates them is how they fit into the female part of the rivet. Various hooks and connections make up the four different types of rivets. 


Plastic Push Rivets

Plastic push rivets are the most straightforward rivets to use because all you need to do is place them and push. The rivet and the receive have a connecting mechanism, and after the screw reaches a certain depth, it will lock in place. Typically these rivets can almost always be installed by hand. 


However, different types of push rivets do require tools. The “blindside” plastic push rivet needs a unique tool called a “pop rivet installation tool” because you use them on the opposite side of a material where you can’t see what’s going on. There are also removable push rivets that can be opened easily if you need to disassemble the furniture or access its interior. 


Plastic Ratchet Rivets

Most plastic ratchet rivets have two parts: a male clip and a female washer. To install them, simply push them together, and they will create a seamless seal on either side of the material. This seamless seal gives them an aesthetic appeal which makes them popular with engineers and designers. Some of the common industries and items that use plastic ratchet rivets are automotive, consumer appliances and electronics, and furniture. 


Plastic Snap Rivets

Plastic snap rivets also consist of two parts but are primarily used for connecting two flat surfaces together like retail signs and consumer electronics. They are great for rigid and dense materials that need a clear finished head on both sides. They are very similar to plastic push rivets. Another word for a snap-on rivet is a “barbed” rivet, and they can also come as a nylon snap rivet with special teeth to create a stronger connection. 


Plastic Pop Rivets

Plastic pop rivets are the most mechanically complex plastic rivets you can buy. You can find them in e-shops, also labeled as load-spreading rivets. They involve a male clip that will expand once you push it into place. A few prongs at the end of the clip will jut out and secure themselves. Because of this mechanism, these rivets are almost always impossible to remove. People use them for construction, consumer electronics and appliances, and furniture. 


Plastic Rivet Tools

While many plastic rivets can be installed by hand or with a mallet, some require special tools to get the job done. Check out the best plastic rivets tool below.


Plastic Rivet Gun  

The job of a rivet is vital. If the connection isn’t strong enough, everything can fall apart, regardless of what you’re building. That’s why the plastic rivet gun is the best way to ensure you have the tightest connection possible. 


Usually, when we think of a gun, we think about a tool with a trigger. Most plastic rivet guns work on a squeezing mechanism where you pull two sides together to exert force. To use it, load your desired rivet into the gun, line it up with the hole and tighten your grip. 


You should look for a gun that comes with a removal tool as well. The seal that the gun will create is powerful, and you won't remove it without some assistance. You can buy plastic rivet guns that are handheld or large ones for large plastic rivets. 


What Size Plastic Rivet Should You Use?  

The answer to rivet size lies with plate thickness. To find this, measure the width of each plate individually, then add it together. If you are working with exceptionally light materials, then you will need small plastic rivets with a short diameter to hold them in place. Once you measure the thickness of the two materials, divide it by four. 


A rivet’s diameter should be about 25 percent the size of the plate’s combined thickness. If they have a combined width of 64mm, your rivet should have a diameter of 8mm. If they are 24mm, your rivet should be 6mm. If 12mm, then 3mm. 

Regardless of the job you’re doing, plastic rivets will be an essential element to it. If you want them to be more stylish, you can choose a white plastic rivet or a different color. Request a quote today. Good luck with your project!

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