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Huck-Lok Rivets


HuckLok Blind Rivets | Double Locking Huck Rivets - Bay Supply Fasteners, Rivets, Tool Parts The Huck-Lok structural High Strength Blind Rivet combines the best of both fastening worlds - high shear strength and high clamping force. What makes HuckLok different is its wide grip range and unique double locking action. This double locking action consistently clamps the assembly from both sides.

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Huck-Lok Functionality

After the maximum clamp has been achieved the shear ring breaks free from the pin and settles into the appropriate catch groove resulting in maximum hold and structural integrity. What's more HuckLok's bulb-forming design provides a large blind side footprint. This prevents pull-through, especially when joining thin or lightweight materials such as plastics, composites, or any other pliable material. Hucklok's wide grip range means easy Inventory Management - One HuckLok replaces as many as four comparable fasteners so you can reduce the number of parts you keep in stock.

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