Huckspin Inch Lockbolts

If your project needs a high-efficiency lockbolt for permanent fastening, look no further than Huck-Spin bolts and collars from Bay Supply. Huck has perfected the lockbolt with their unique spin-on and spin-off thimble design that offers greater levels of vibration resistance, unmatched installation speeds and higher durability levels than welding. Both Huck-Spin bolts and collars are made with premium quality class 10.9 steel for a long-lasting lockbolt that will retain its durability for years to come. View our entire selection of Huck-Spin bolts and collars, and provide your heavy-duty projects with the durability they require.

Huck-Spin Bolts | Shop for Huckspin Lockbolts & Collars - Bay Supply Fasteners, Rivets, and Tool Parts

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