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Blind Bolts

Blind bolts are structural high strength, tamper resistant blind fasteners designed for use in applications such as automotive, construction, container, railroad and mining. The blind bolt fastener is available in steel in 3/16" to 5/8" diameter. It is a unique assembly consisting of a stem, sleeve and collar and is comparable in performance to standard lockbolt fasteners. Unlike standard lockbolt fasteners, the blind bolt fastener only requires access to one side of the workpiece for installation making them ideal for areas with restricted access.
The blind bolt features high tensile and shear strength as well high speed installation. It is vibration resistant and has a wide fastening thickness capability. A blind bolt is tamper resistant and features a mechanical lock creating a vibration resistant joint and prevents loose stems.
Typical Applications: Ship building, Railroad, Automotive assembly including car seats, Other ground transportation, Mining equipment, Construction.

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