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Blind Bolts


Blind bolts are structural high strength, tamper resistant blind fasteners designed for use in applications such as automotive, construction, container, railroad and mining. The blind bolt fastener is available in steel in 3/16" to 5/8" diameter. It is a unique assembly consisting of a stem, sleeve and collar and is comparable in performance to standard lockbolt fasteners. Unlike standard lockbolt fasteners, the blind bolt fastener only requires access to one side of the workpiece for installation making them ideal for areas with restricted access.

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Blind Bolts | Steel Blind Bolt Fasteners - Bay Supply Fasteners, Rivets, Tool PartsBlind Bolts For Your Industrial Application

Bay Supply has over 200 varieties and sizes of blind bolt fasteners for sale to meet the demands of multiple industries and sectors. Whether you need steel blind bolts, structural blind bolts or blind rivet bolts, Bay Supply has you covered. Our selection of blind bolt fasteners includes global brands, as well. You'll find Avdel Avbolt products in our selection, along with Huck blind bolts, including BOM models. Our blind bolt fastener diameters range from ¼" to ⅝" and come in either a zinc black finish or clear trivalent chromate. Blind bolts are commonly used in a variety of industrial applications from construction to mining.

When To Use Blind Bolts Over Blind Rivets

While blind bolts and blind rivets can sometimes be used interchangeably, there are a variety of applications and tasks when blind bolts are preferred. Blind bolt installation also follows a similar process to blind rivets, only requiring access from one side through pre-drilled holes. Blind bolts are popular choices in industrial applications where vibration resistance and fastener strength are primary concerns. Such uses include aeronautics, bridge construction, and automotive purposes.


Blind bolts are versatile fasteners that are designed to last longer than traditional solid rivets. Most blind bolts typically consist of a few components including a pin, collar and sleeve. They are generally installed using a tool such as a bolt gun. This makes blind bolt installation a quick and easy process with long-lasting results. Blind bolts are also virtually tamper-proof, making them secure options for anywhere that vandalism could be a concern. 

Advantages Of Buying Blind Bolt Fasteners from Bay Supply

Making Bay Supply your blind bolt and general parts distributor comes with many advantages. Receive recommendations from our experts on the correct blind bolt to use for your installation or construction project. Receive exclusive discounts based on your qualifying industry, as well as world-class quality support from our team who can help you resolve any issues with our products. You will also receive free shipping on any qualifying order in the U.S. Buy blind bolts and other fasteners from Bay Supply today!

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