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A blind rivet nut insert is also known as a blind rivetnut, blind nut, or a threaded insert. This fastener is a single piece that has internal threads and is a counterbored tubular rivet that is installed from a single side of an application. Since installation can be accomplished without access to a single side of the application (Blind Side), the name “Blind Rivetnut” is commonly used.

Types of Rivet Nut Inserts

There are two types of rivet nut inserts:

  1. One type of rivet nut is designed to bulb on the blind side of the application as a threaded screw, pin or bolt is tightened within its internal threads.
  2. The other type of rivet nut is pulled into a sleeve by the tightening of a threaded screw, pin or bolt instead of bulbing on the blind side.

Threaded Rivet Nut Inserts

The first rivet nut was created by BF Goodrich in the 1930s to mount rubber deicing boots on aircraft wings. A wide range of applications are used for threaded rivet nut inserts including:

  • Automotive (airbags, trucks, trailers, cars, commercial vehicles)
  • Furniture
  • Appliances,
  • Green energy
  • Buildings (construction, swimming pools, etc.)
  • Boats

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