Thick Wall Rivetnut Inserts

Thick Wall Rivetnut Inserts | Explore Round & Hex Body Rivetnut Inserts - Bay Supply Fasteners and Fastening Systems A Thick Wall Rivet Nut is also known as a Standard Rivetnut, Blind Rivetnut, Blind Nut, Threaded Insert, Rivet Nut or sometimes referred to as a Nut-Sert.

A Rivet Nut is a single piece, tubular rivet with internal threads.
Blind threaded inserts are designed to provide strong threads in thin panel sections. They are called "blind" because they can be installed from only one side of the panel. Access to both sides is not required. These fasteners are ideally suited for tubing, extrusion, and other similar types of applications.
There are two primary body types: 1. Round Body and 2. Hex Body
There are distinguishing head flange or body attributes that differentiate a number of available styles.

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