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Straight Shank Body


Straight Shank Body | Explore Avdel Versa-Nut Threaded Inserts - Bay Supply Fasteners and Fastening Systems The Straight Slotted Body insert features a wide grip range which provides an extra large blind side bearing area when placed. Specifically designed for use in soft materials, plastics and composites.

This insert can be installed quickly by using simple hand tools (less than 3 seconds) and requires only blind side access. It features an extra large blind side bearing area after installation with higher pull out and torque-to-turn resistance with less radial loading of holes in brittle materials reducing the risk of cracking and de-lamination of composites. This insert has up to twice the grip range of standard blind inserts enabling a designer to reduce the size or number of fasteners in an assembly.
Assembly Material - Composite Molded Parts, Magnesium, Thin Sheet Aluminum and Plastics.
Typical Applications - Automotive trim and moldings, Trucks and trailers sandwich sections and paneling, Domestic appliances, Handles, adjustable feet and fixing points, Plastic fabrications, Assembly of plastic recreation equipment.

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