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Bobtail Pins


Bobtail Pins | Explore Our Selection of Huck Bobtail Lockbolts & More - Bay Supply Fasteners and Fastening Systems

Huck BobTail lockbolts are the standard of modern fastening technology today! Used for a wide variety of assembly applications, BobTail lockbolts feature a pintail-less design, superior fatigue strength, fast installation speeds, and unmatched vibration resistance. When using Huck BobTail lockbolts, you'll receive a high performance product. Your operation will also save time and money associated with conventional nuts, bolts, and fasteners. BobTail lockbolts eliminate the need for secondary operations, the expense of operator training, the clean up of left-over pintails, and much more!

Check out Bay Supply's selection of Huck BobTail lockbolts and receive FREE ground shipping on orders over $99. Depending upon your needs, we carry Bobtail Inch Lockbolts and Bobtail Metric Lockbolts.

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