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Buy annular cutters for your RotoBrute magnetic drill press and other power tools at Bay Supply! Designed for drilling large diameter holes in structural steel, annual cutters save time, money, and energy compared to conventional drill bits. Available in a variety of sizes and designs, we sell high-speed annular cutters, carbide tipped annular cutters, and carbide tipped stack cutters.

We primarily offer Champion's RotoBrute annular cutters due to their quality manufacturing and in-service performance. To learn more, contact us or request a quote.

Find Annular Cutters at Bay Supply

If you need to drill holes in structural steel or different types of metal, annular cutters might be for you. We have a large collection of high-performance annular cutters in different styles and sizes. These tools are reliable and efficient for tons of applications. Click above to search our selection of high-speed annular cutters, carbide tipped annular cutters and more.

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