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Zero Flute Countersinks


Buy zero flute countersinks at Bay Supply! Manufactured by Champion Cutting Tool Corp., each zero flute countersink offers superior quality steel construction and high-speed, in-service performance to produce excellent workpiece finish. When using zero flute countersinks from Bay Supply for your next project or application, Champion cutting tools will deliver chatterless finish, single cutting edge for fast stock removal, free-cutting, and easy sharpening on metal, plastic, wood, glass, and more. Explore our collection of countersinks and zero flute countersinks to find a tool that suits your needs!

For more information about our zero flute countersinks, contact us or request a quote. Our friendly Bay Supply representatives are ready and happy to talk with you.

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Zero Flute Countersink | Zero Flute Countersinks Champion Deburring Tools - Bay Supply Fasteners, Rivets, Tool Parts

What Is A Zero Flute Countersink?

Also known as a Weldon-style countersink bit, a Champion zero flute countersink is a cone-shaped cross-hole countersink cutting tool that will drill a clean, shatter-free hole. Zero flute countersinks feature a single cutting edge for quick stock removal and are perfect for portable applications. Their superior performance delivers an outstanding workpiece finish. 

What Are Zero Flute Countersinks Used For?

A countersink drill bit pushes down bolts or screw heads to sit at or below the material's surface. A zero flute countersink is typically used to form a screw hole in softer materials like wood, plastic or aluminum. It's also used as a deburring tool, removing burrs left over from tapping or drilling operations. Countersink drill bits were popular in jewelry making and were used during World War I to countersink detonar holes in hand grenades. Today, zero flute countersinks are used in several different industries, particularly in glass and window manufacturing.

What Do Countersinks With Multiple Flutes Do?

Zero Flute Countersinks are used on softer materials and excel at removing burrs. You can choose other countersinks depending on the work you're doing:

  • Single Flute Countersink Drill Bit: Used for cutting smaller holes, single flute countersinks perform with little to no vibration at higher speeds for faster cutting than countersinks with multiple flutes. 
  • 2-, 3- or 4-Flute Countersink Drill Bit: Each additional flute on a countersink increases the tool's lifespan, as it distributes the cut over multiple edges. Keep in mind: more flutes also mean less effective chip clearance.
  • 6-Flute Countersink Drill Bit: Best for cutting large holes, each revolution removes more material than countersinks with fewer flutes. The finish is smoother and the tool lasts longer.  

What Is A Piloted Vs. Pilotless Zero Flute Countersink?

A piloted zero flute countersink is recommended when used with screws that are ¼" to ½". A pilotless countersink is best for bolts that are .073 to 1-15/32 and #4 through #10 sized screws. 

What Size of Countersink Drill Bit Should I Choose?

The body diameter of your countersink drill bit must be equal in size or larger than the head diameter of the rivet or screw center you are trying to countersink. Countersinks are available in a range of angles to cover all screw-head options, whether you need a countersink with a 60, 82, 90-degree or 100-degree angle. 

Get Your Zero Flute Countersink At Bay Supply

Does your next job involve plastic, wood or aluminum? Do you work in the glass or window design industry? If so, you may be in the market for deburring tools — and our zero flute countersink collection has you covered! Since they are Champion drill bits, you know you can count on quality. Shop for zero flute countersinks now!

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