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Huck Auto Clamp


At Bay Supply, we carry a vast selection of Huck auto-clamp rivets for those jobs that require an extended grip. Auto-clamp rivets are a type of multi-piece blind rivet that allows you to securely clamp materials together without causing damage or marring, making them the perfect application for projects with soft and thin materials. Huck auto-clamp rivets are able to be installed with either hand or pneumatic tools, allowing for greater versatility and ease in their installation. Bay Supply carries auto-clamp rivets in male-only, female-only or both, so you can get the exact materials you need. Shop Bay Supply for Huck auto-clamp rivets, available at Bay Supply in a wide range of sizes and styles today!

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Huck Auto-Clamp Rivets | Order Huck Auto-Clamps - Bay Supply Fasteners, Rivets, and Tool Parts

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