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Bay Supply is the proud distributor of POP® rivets, tools, parts, and accessories! With our full range of POP® products, we're confident you'll find a solution that meets the demands of your application and budget.

As the inventor of the blind rivet, POP® is world famous for its innovative designs and high-quality rivets and fasteners. The ability to set a rivet without access at the back of the piece made POP® products an essential fastening system for modern assembly needs in manufacturing, automotive, and other non-structural applications. As a result, Bay Supply carries over 4,200 POP® rivets, tools, parts, and accessories. Whatever your application or project, we're confident you'll be able to find an effective solution among our collection of POP® products. For more information about the blind rivets and fastening systems we sell at Bay Supply, contact us or request a quote.


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