The leading manufacturer of tangless inserts and tools, KATO Fastening Systems deliver unmatched technological capabilities that allow for the efficient completion of a wide variety of applications and projects. Carrying over 5,500 KATO tools, parts, and fastening products, Bay Supply has everything you need to quickly install the long line of CoilThread inserts. Best of all, KATO CoilThread tools work with Helicoil, Recoil, and Boellhoff inserts as well! Not sure what KATO tool or insert is right for your unique project? Contact us or request a quote online to speak with a Bay Supply representatives. We would be happy to help you find a solution that meets your application and quality requirements.


KATO Inserts and Tools From Bay Supply

KATO Fastening Systems is the leading manufacturer of tangless inserts and tools, delivering unmatched technological capabilities so you can efficiently complete a wide array of applications and projects. Bay Supply is a proud distributor of KATO products including KATO tangless inserts and other KATO thread inserts. With over 5,550 KATO tools, parts and fastening products, we have the KATO products you are looking for. 

What Are The Advantages of KATO Tangless Inserts?

KATO revolutionized the fastener industry with the creation of tangless inserts, the most advanced helically coiled screw thread insert in the market today. Some of the benefits of KATO tangless inserts include:

  • Decreased production costs. KATO tangless inserts are crafted with a notch at both ends, which eliminates the need to spend time orienting the insert during installation
  • Reduction in the weight and size of machined parts. When using tangless inserts, the space between the insert and the bottom of the hole is significantly reduced.
  • Lower installation costs. For male threaded fasteners to properly be positioned into tanged inserts, the tangs first need to be broken off. This increases the total installation time and additional tooling, resulting in higher installation cost. 

What Makes Kato Wire Thread Inserts Special?

KATO's CoilThread inserts provide design and manufacturing flexibility. The innovative diamond-shaped wire design allows the inserts to engage the threads in the parent material while also accepting a male fastener. This negates the need for a thick wall structure to support the internal and external threads.

The design also allows for more evenly distributed loads as each coil adjusts independently for maximum surface contact with the parent material. The reliability and life of the fastening system are increased as the stress and fatigue concentrations are reduced to maximize the thread strength. The inserts can be installed in reduced-sized bosses or flanges, saving space and weight while still providing high strength. 

Find The KATO Fasteners You Need At Bay Supply

At Bay Supply, we offer a range of KATO inserts for all your screw thread insert needs. Got a question about which KATO tangless inserts are right for your project? Contact us or request a quote online to speak with a Bay Supply representative. Our team members would be happy to help you find a solution that meets your application and quality requirements.