The First Buyer’s Marketplace for Fastening Products

Bay Supply is the first online marketplace for the fastening industry, where sourcing professionals, manufacturers and distributors can effortlessly collaborate, quote, and transact business.

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Sourcing Professional

Spend minutes instead of hours sourcing and buying Fastening Products directly from the industry supply chain.

Work smarter using the transparency of a single Platform rather than visiting multiple websites.

Streamline your sourcing and purchasing using the power of Workflow Automation throughout the collaborative process with suppliers.

Effortlessly Search On-Hand Inventory From Suppliers

Search and connect with multiple brands to purchase on-hand inventories from multiple suppliers with a single purchase order.

Dynamic RFQ Tool With Single Click Syndication

Quickly create RFQs, set your conditions and syndicate your request to all relevant and verified suppliers with a single click.

Team Dashboards To Manage Collaborative Workflows

Team Dashboards keep all Quotes, Orders, Backorders, and Seller Communications easily accessible with workflow automation.

Fastener Manufacturer

Control your brand experience by controlling your core catalog for all of your Authorized Distributors.

Establish a new digital sales channel for your Authorized Distributors with a consistent branding strategy to 40,000+ Sourcing Professionals.

Expand your digital footprint where buyers source your product categories on a Platform tailored to the needs of the Fastener Industry.

Position Your Catalog On The Fastener Industry’s First Digital Platform

Work with Bay Supply to build your digital catalog and instantly syndicate to your Authorized Distributors Online Offerings.

Direct Buyer Product Inquiries & RFQs To Your Authorized Distributors

Assign brands and territories to your Authorized Distributors to respond to RFQs and inquiries with a consistent branding message.

Connect To Customers & Markets Beyond Your Traditional Boundaries

Create a branded buyer experience and increase exposure of your digital catalog and educational resources to the new generation of digitally-mature buyers.

Fastener Distributor

Supplement your digital marketing strategy with Bay Supply. Increase your company exposure to 40,000+ Sourcing Professionals.

Establish a new digital sales channel and hedge your position to gain more market share.

Simplify and streamline your quote and sales processes through platform Workflow Automations that caters to the needs of the Fastener Industry.

Setup Your Seller Profile For Buyer Discovery & Receive RFQs

Seller Profiles enhance your discovery to buyers. identify the manufacturers, brands and categories you sell so the Platform can efficiently submit buyer RFQs to your team.

The Power Of Workflow Automation

Buyer RFQs and Quote responses auto-populate part data, your inventory, and price settings to help streamline workflows. Buyer/Seller communications tools support the collaboration process with incredible time efficiency.

Sell Your On-Hand inventory

Set pricing conditions, MOQ’s and/or backorder conditions to capture Buy-Now sales in the marketplace. Substitute items are suggested from your inventory based on dynamic attribute comparisons for Quote consideration. The platform is your sales & Auto-Quote assist.

Rivets, Fasteners, and More from Bay Supply

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