Join Our Team!


What is it like to join the team at Bay?

We place a strong emphasis on the word TEAM.  We promote a culture of independent creativity and trust without the dark cloud of micro-management. We believe that everyone on our team should feel as if they are part of a unique and highly motivated organization where the workplace can be both enjoyable and rewarding.


Our people have made our past and future success possible. An organization can only be successful if the people share in the growth and the rewards.


Is there growth opportunity?

Absolutely! This is an exciting time for Industrial Supply products because the industry is about to embark on a digital transformation.


Bay is capitalizing on this emerging market by investing in new technologies to strategically position the company for the future. Bay is re-inventing new jobs, positions and responsibilities that will help us to become a leader in this next market expansion.


We rely on our team members to create and introduce new ideas and processes to help us grow our business together. The company has incredible growth opportunities, and our team members will share in our mutual success.


What kind of benefits does the company offer?

Upon completion of your first 90 days, team members are eligible to participate in the company major medical health insurance program. The company will pay 50% of the individual health insurance costs and the team member is responsible for the remaining 50% which is deducted on a pre-tax basis from payroll. Additional options are available to team members at additional payroll deductions.


The company has a 401k program and matches up to 4% of your annual salary based on your selected pre-tax payroll contribution.


The company has an employee bonus program that is based on annual sales growth and distributed to all team members based on performance, years of service and job position. The bonus distributions are conducted year end. (Participation requires a 1-2 Yr. employment status before eligibility to participate)


In addition, we include an Employee Loyalty Program that increases PTO days based on years of service.


Bay is simply a great place for a challenging career where opportunity and success are shared by all.


If you wish to become our newest team member, please forward your resume to the following:


Fax : 516-294-3448