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Rivets, lock bolts, blind bolts and more! We've got every kind of fastener you could want right here at Bay Supply! Quality, durability, and value are more important on the job today than ever before, and that's why we stock only the best. Whether you need blind rivets, lock bolts with pintails or something else, you're sure to find it right here. We even carry the best in blind sealing plugs, rivet nut, helical inserts, and key locking inserts. Why search all over the web when you can find all of your industrial fasteners and accessories in one place right here at Bay Supply? Whether for your job site or to be shipped directly to your customers, you'll love our great prices and fast service! Don't wait! Order today and make sure you've always got the right fastener for the job!

Our product specialists are on staff and readily available to assist on product specifications, alternative fastening solutions, compatible installation systems, tools, parts and accessories to ensure you are selecting fastening systems that will perform with optimum results.

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Fasteners are the unsung hero of worksites, DIY projects and so much more. Ensure you're working with the very best with locking bolts, Helicoil inserts, rivet fasteners and more from Bay Supply. While your specific application will help in determining what you'll need, our customer service team is here to guide you toward the best product if you require additional guidance. We stock an incredible selection of quality fasteners for any job. Keep reading to learn more about just a few of the types of fasteners available from Bay Supply. 

Blind Fasteners

Blind fasteners or blind bolts are strong structural bolts that offer tamper and vibration resistance, durability and adaptability for automotive, construction, manufacturing and mining applications, and so much more. These fasteners are created to help forge a strong connection in applications where conventional hex bolts, rivets or welds can't get the job done.


Each bolt consists of a collar, stem and sleeve. And blind bolts only require access to one side of the workpiece during installation, making them perfect for areas with more restricted access. The size of blind fasteners typically ranges from 3/16" to 5/8" in diameter.


Blind fasteners are quick and easy to install when using a blind bolt tool. Start by inserting the blind bolt through a pre-drilled hole. The pressure on the collar will create a solid connection as the expander physically collapses in order to hold the blind side firm. During this process, the collar will create a seal on the side to which the tool is applied. This simple process provides the same strength as a rivet while making it easy to ensure the bolt has been installed correctly. Check out Essential Definition: What is a Blind Bolt? to learn more about this popular fastener and how to choose the right blind bolt. 

Lock Bolts with Pintails

Lock bolts with pintails are a type of structural fastener that provides vibration resistance, longevity, durability and easy installation. These fasteners are typically used in place of traditional bolt and nut applications. Unlike bolt and nut installations, where torque is not only required on the nut but also the bolt in order to create a reliable install, lock bolts are able to be set from a singular point on the collar side of the application.


And unlike lock bolts without pintails, each lock bolt with pintail features a section on the pin that has a reduced diameter to provide a consistent and reliable breakpoint. This breakpoint on the pin is actually designed to separate upon installation. This pintail is then collected in a containment process as part of an installation tooling system.


When installing your lock bolt with pintail, ensure you have the proper specialized tooling on hand. Keep in mind that in applications where a nut is used to set a traditional bolt, a collar or sleeve is used to set a lock bolt with a pintail. The lock bolt's collar should be swaged and then pulled into the pin. The breakpoint on the pin only occurs once the collar has been set.

Rivet Fasteners

Rivet fasteners are used to secure a wide variety of materials, including concrete, fabric, sheet metal, plastic, stainless steel and wood. They're often used to replace your more traditional welding or nut and bolt applications. Rivet fasteners are relied upon in a variety of industries thanks to their ability to create a snug and secure joint, no matter the application. Plus, rivets can be plated, painted or coated with protective oils.


Each rivet uses a plane, unthreaded shaft that is inserted through holes in order to join two or more parts together. Each rivet has a pre-formed (factory) head at one end of the shaft. Another head is then formed following the insertion. This is called a factory head. Depending on the type of rivet you're using, rivet fasteners can prevent axial movements of the parts and can typically resist considerable forces.


Rivet fasteners can improve the speed and efficiency of nearly all assembly processes they're used in. While installation will vary based upon the type of rivet fastener you're using, generally they all will require a riveter, drill and drill bits. First, create a hole in the wall or material you're planning on fastening together. Then, slide the mandrel of the rivet into the hand riveter and place the hat of the rivet through the hole. Maintaining pressure, squeeze the handle of your riveter. This will pull the mandrel backwards through the hat, expanding it to create a wider end which can no longer slide through the hole. The mandrel will then snap, leaving just the flange and the hat behind.

Auto Feed Speed Fasteners

Auto feed speed fasteners are able to deliver rapid blind riveting for a wide range of industrial fastening projects and applications. Auto feed speed fasteners help to create consistent, quality results you can rely on at a fraction of the time it takes to install other fasteners. These popular fasteners also eliminate the metal waste so often associated with conventional break-stem rivets, resulting in a greener and more efficient installation.


Done with a simple pull of the trigger, installing your POP autoset rivets or Avdel speed fasteners couldn't be easier. The rivets come preloaded on paper tape. All you have to do is load the auto fastener and start riveting. You'll be able to install rivets at up 1,500 PCS per hour!

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The team at Bay Supply is proud to provide customers with the very best selection of bulk fasteners and hardware on the market, as well as the best customer support. From how-to articles to convenient buying guides, you'll find the latest tips, tricks and more at the Bay Supply Blog.

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