Bobtail, Huckspin & Neobolt

Bobtail, Huckspin & Neobolt

Unlike lock bolts with pintails that break from the lockbolt pin upon completion of the installation process, lockbolts without pintails have no breakpoints on the pin and therefore have no residual waste when installed.

Lockbolts are structural fasteners, provide incredible vibration resistance and reliability that typically cannot be duplicated by a traditional nut and bolt application. In addition, the installation process is faster and more efficient because a lockbolt is set from the single collar side, where a nut and bolt requires torque to be applied to both the bolt and nut side for installation.

Because the collar is pulled and swaged onto the lockbolt pin during installation, dual-sided torque is not required.

Bobtail, Huckspin & Neobolt

Advantages of Lockbolts without Pintails

There are two distinct advantages with pintail-less lockbolts over lock bolts with pintails.

  1. There is no breakpoint on the pin. A breakpoint produces a loud “bang” that can result in operator fatigue.
  2. Because there is no breakpoint, there is no spent pintail to discard or capture upon the completion of installation.

Investing in a lockbolt installation system provides a rapid return on investment because of the improved efficiency and speed of installation, reduced labor, and enhanced integrity of material assemblies.