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Bay Supply is your home for all your lock bolt needs. Whether you are looking for lock bolts with break-pins, reinforced panel lock bolts or lock bolts without pintails, we have a huge inventory for you to choose from. 

No matter what type of lock bolts you need, you can count on the lockbolts you purchase from Bay Supply. Why spend hours of your time shopping at dozens of websites when Bay Supply gives you access to the whole supply chain in one easy stop? Browse our site today and discover how we can help your business.


Lock bolts are a valuable tool when working in applications where there is heavy vibration because they will not shake loose. Because of their simple installation and dependability, lockbolts will save you time, money and labor. 


It's never been easier to find the high-quality lock bolts your job requires. Bay Supply is the first website of its kind: an online marketplace for the fastening industry. Sourcing professionals, manufacturers and distributors can easily collaborate and transact business on our innovative website. Our B2B vertical marketplace is an innovative tool that allows all members of the community to improve how they do business.

What is a Fastener Collar?

A fastener collar is one half of a lock bolt and is used to secure the pin, the other half of the lockbolt. 

How Do You Use a Lockbolt?

While nuts and bolts use a threaded screw to create a joint, lock bolts use a collar fitted over a threaded bolt. The bolt, or pin, is placed in a pre-drilled hole. Using a special lockbolt installation tool, the pin is pulled tight to bring two pieces of material together. At the same time, the collar is pressed tightly onto the pin, resulting in a tight, strong, permanent bond with the locking grooves.

Where Are Lock Bolts Used?

Lockbolts can be used anywhere you require both lasting construction and joint integrity.  Lock bolts are very resistant to vibration and high shear, and they have high tensile strength. That makes lockbolts popular for use under the most extreme conditions. A few areas where a lock bolt is commonly used include:

  • Transportation
  • Automotive applications
  • Aerospace
  • Lighting
  • Medical equipment
  • Wind turbines
  • Agricultural equipment
  • Metal fabrication
  • Construction equipment
  • Bridges and tunnels

Let Bay Supply Provide the Lock Bolt Connection You Need

If you're looking for lock bolts for your next project, Bay Supply is your one-stop source. Find the lockbolts you need every time you shop with Bay Supply. We have lockbolts with pintails, reinforced panel lockbolts and more for any fastener application. If you need help choosing the right lockbolt for your job, our fastener experts will be happy to advise you and help direct you to the right lockbolt for your task.You can count on us to supply top-quality products at affordable prices. Shop Bay Supply today.

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