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Lockbolts With Break-Pins

Lockbolts With Break-Pins

Lock Bolts with pintails are structural fasteners used in place of traditional nut and bolt applications for long-term reliability, improved vibration resistance, and greatly enhanced installation processing speed. Unlike nut and bolt installations where torque is required on both the nut and bolt to create a reliable installation, lockbolts can be set from a single point on the collar side of the application.

Lockbolts With Break-Pins

Features of Lock Bolts with Pintails

Unlike pintail-less varieties, lock bolts with pintails have a breakpoint on the pin that separates upon the completion of the installation sequence. The spent pintail section either falls to the floor or is collected in a containment process if such a process is included within the installation tooling system.

Lock Bolt breakpoints are typically defined by a section on the pin that has a reduced diameter to ensure a consistent breakpoint. However, there are multi-grip lock bolts that are designed to avail multiple breakpoints for varied application thicknesses.

Where a nut is used to set a traditional bolt, a collar or sleeve is used to set a lockbolt. A lockbolt collar is swaged and pulled onto the pin, and the breakpoint on the pin occurs after the collar has been set.

While lock bolts provide an extremely efficient process, specialized tooling is required for this installation system.