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Returns Policy


Returns Policy

While Bay Supply is not a party to transactions between  buyer and seller, both buyer and seller are expected to cooperate withing the general guidelines outlined by the agreed terms & conditions regarding all transactions on the Bay Supply platform.  Both buyer and seller agree to follow the general Returns Poicy as outlined below.

Acceptance of Goods
Buyer shall carefully inspect all Goods promptly after arrival of the Goods at the point of destination to which the Goods are to be shipped and report any quality or quantity shortages or defects to Seller within ten (10) calendar days of such arrival of the Goods using the Platform/Website Comment tools to maintain record of account communications. Such a notice by the Buyer to Seller shall include a description of the alleged defect or error.

Warranties and Remedies
If the Products are defective or otherwise do not meet compliance of specifications defined on the order based on manufacturer specifications, then, without limiting any of its other rights or remedies, and whether or not the Buyer has accepted the Goods, Buyer may exercise any one or more of the following remedies:

i)       Return the non-conforming Products to the Seller for a refund of the full invoice price plus payment of transportation charges for such defective or otherwise non-conforming Products.
ii)      Have Seller replace the defective or non-conforming Products with non-defective and conforming Products.
The preceding remedies for Buyer may only be exercised by the Buyer and facilitated by the Seller under the condition that the non-conforming Products are received by the Seller in the same condition as they were released to the Buyer and notification occurs within 3o days from the receipt of goods.

Restocking Fees
a)      Restocking Fees can only be applied to an order through the RFQ process.
b)     During the RFQ and Quote negotiation process between the Buyer and Seller, the Seller has the option to charge a Restocking Fee in the event the Buyer elects to return all or a portion of the Goods purchased. Restocking Fees are clearly displayed on Quotes from Sellers if they are applicable, and you accept that any proportionate Restocking Fees applicable to the portion of Goods returned is non-refundable.
c)      You agree that when a Seller includes a Restocking Fee in an RFQ that results in a Quote-To-Sale conversion on the Platform/Website, it is an acceptance that the Goods or a portion of the Goods on the order are returnable in the same condition that they were fulfilled to the Seller. Return requests must occur within 3o days from the receipt of goods.