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Bay Supply For Fastening Product Manufacturer's

Is Your Digital Strategy Limited To Promoting Your Brands On Your Company Website?

Join The Digital Supply Chain

As a Fastening Products Manufacturer, it's critical that your Brands remain relevant and strategically positioned where Buyers source.

If you only position your Brands on your company website, you're isolating your exposure from a world of Sourcing Professionals for discovery.

  • 90% of buyers search for your categories online and they won't waste time visiting dozens of websites anymore.
  • Buyer's source from indusry specific ecosystems to save time. In fact, they desire a single domain for a frictionless experience and your Brands need to be discoverable in that process.
  • Your product data should be highly discoverable against your competiion and syndicated to each of your Authorized Distributors to establish a powerful digital sales channel that emulates the quality of your Brands.

Add Your Product Data To Our Database Of Manufacturer Parts For Discoverabilty

Manufacturer Digital Catalogs

  • Bay Supply is working with manufacturers in the Fastening Industry to make their products highly discoverable to buyers.
  • Establishing a digital catalog for your distribution network on a Platform designed to cater to the digital buyer's collaborative needs.

Bay Supply takes Fastening Product Manufacturers beyond printed catalogs and brings them to life in our comprehensive, searchable database.

Whether you sell through your Authorized Distributors or Direct-to-the-public, Bay Supply expands your digital marketing exposure.

  • Your Part Numbers & Product Attributes make your SEO and Brands powerfully discoverable. Let the Bay Supply Team help to build your catalogs for online buyer discovery.

"Bay Supply makes it possible for fastener manufacturers to digitally transform their brands, capture more revenues through authorized distribution and strengthen their market presence without channel conflict."

—Bar Geron


Support & Empower Your Authorized Distributors With Content Syndication

Your Catalog & Digital Asset Database

Are published to your Authorized Distributors Catalogs for collaborating and transacting business with buyers.

Let Bay Supply Help Build Your

When you work with Bay Supply to add your Brands, part numbers, attributes and digital assets, the platform syndicates your database  to each of your Authorized Distributor's online catalogs for:

  • Receiving and responding to RFQs
  • Responding to product inquiries
  • Marketing Collateral
  • Sales Support
  • Customer Education

Uniform Branding Before, During
& After The Sale.

Whether you sell through your Authorized Distributors or Direct-to-the-public, Bay Supply positions your Brands on the Fastener Industry's only comprehensive parts database and transactional sourcing platform.

  • Add Part Numbers for Buyer RFQs
  • Add Product Attributes
  • Add Specification Sheets
  • Add Catalogs & Videos
  • Add Owner & Maintenance Manuals
  • Create a consistent branding experience for your customers.

Invite Your Authorized Distributors,
Assign Brands and RFQ Territories

  • Establish your Sales Distribution Network by assigning Brands & Territories to your Authorized Distributors.
  • Search for your Registered Distributors by email address or invite your Authorized Distributors to register from the platform.
  • When your Authorized Distributors register from your invitation, their online catalogs are already established for responding to RFQs.
  • When Buyers submit RFQs for your Brands, they are directed to the Authorized Distributor assigned to the Buyer's territory.
  • When a Buyer creates an RFQ for your Brand part number, all specifications and product information auto-populates for rapid submission.
  • When your Authorized Distributor responds to a RFQ, all of the data auto-populates along with their current inventory, pricing and lead time (If the distributor settings are established). Availability, pricing and lead time can be edited or entered on-the-fly.
  • Your Authorized Distributors can create user teams to manage their Quote Dashboard and engage in Cross-Communication with buyers.
  • You can monitor the Quote-To-Sale conversions of your Authorized Distributors on the Manufacturer's Quote Dashboard.


  • To Register on Bay Supply
  • To respond to RFQs for our Product & Grow Sales.

Bay Supply For Fastening Product Distributor's

Bay Supply Is More Than Just A New Digital Sales Channel for Distributors

As the only only marketplace specific to the fastening industry, where manufacturers, distributors, and sourcing professionals can effortlessly collaborate together, Bay Supply has gone far beyond designing a simple website directory.

Bay Supply will expose your Company and the Fastening Products you sell to 40,000+ Sourcing Professionals and establish a new digital sales channel for your business.

But we didn't stop there...

We Designed a Platform Specific To The Unique Workflows Of The Fastener Industry To Streamline Transactions

Workflow Automation

For Distributors & Sourcing Professionals

Bay Supply is also a powerful automated workflow solution for your organization to streamline Quote submissions, Convert Quotes-To-Sales, Communicate and collaborate directly with Buyers, Sell on-hand Inventories, and receive Backorders with auto-notifications.

As a Fastening Products Distributor, the Platform can be a valuable resource to enhance your company's digital exposure and grow digital sales with little effort and no investment required.

Key Features For Fastener Distributors

Distributor Seller Profile

  • Seller Profile for enhanced online exposure to Buyers.
  • Upload your company certifications for Buyers to download from your online Profile.
  • Establish your Team of Users by email invitation and assign roles.
  • Administer your Team User Roles to control access and/or approve purchases.

Setup Your Account To Recieve RFQs

  • Complete Stage two of registration to receive RFQs.
  • Add the manufacturers, brands and product categories you sell to receive RFQs from Buyers.
  • Team RFQ Dashboard for managing and submitting Quotes.
  • Quoted Part Numbers are automatically added to your online catalog to enhance your exposure to Buyers.

Online Sales With or Without Inventory

  • Upload Part Numbers & Attributes for every SKU you could possibly supply to boost exposure for RFQs.
  • Exposure for RFQ discovery does not require you to set pricing or have inventory.
  • Buyers convert Quotes-To-Sales.
  • Buyers can place Backorders for future fulfillment.

Optional Pricing Tools

  • Upload pricing for your existing SKUs in your online parts catalog.
  • Choice to offer Quantity Break Pricing Discounts. 

  • Choice to offer Wholesale pricing to verified Distributor Users for Peer-To-Peer Trade.

  • Choice to add Backorder MOQs and pricing to capture Backorder Sales.

Upload & Sell Your Surplus Inventory

  • Capture online sales in the Buy-Now Marketplace by uploading and maintaining your on-hand inventory.
  • Maximize your exposure and maximize sales beyond RFQs and Backorders.
  • Uploading and maintaining your inventory is easy by referencing your part numbers for rapid updates.
  • No limit on number of items listed or posted with on-hand inventory for sale.

Dynamic Quotation Tools

  • Your Catalog Part Numbers, Attributes and Descriptions Auto-Populate on Quotes.
  • Your On-Hand Inventory Auto-Populates on Quotes. The Platform dynamically calculates backorder conditions for review, edit and submission.

  • Your Price Settings Auto-Populate on Quotes based on consumer or peer distributor for quick edit or submit.

  • Attribute analysis suggests Alternate Substitutes from your online catalog by prioritizing quanitity On-Hand.

Authorized Distributors

  • Manufacturers register their Brands and assign or invite Authorized Distributors to respond to RFQs by territory assignment.
  • If a Manufacturer builds their Brand Part Numbers & Attibutes in the Database, the data is syndicated to each Authorized Distributors online catalog to receive RFQs.
  • If a Manufacturer adds Digital Assets such as Data Sheets, Manuals, Catalogs, Brochures or Videos, the data is published to each Authorized Distributors online catalog for sales support.

Free Shipping Promotion Option

  • Distributors can set total order thresholds to offer Free Shipping to Buyers in the Marketplace.

Test Reports & Compliance Documents

  • Uploaded Test Reports & Compliance Documents are stored with orders for (6) months.
Transaction Success Fee & Seller Payment Transaction
Transaction Success Fee Amount

Balance is the Merchant Payment Gateway for the Platform.

Seller payments are released upon fulfillment of orders.

Bank assumes 100% of future collections risk for credit term accounts. 

For Each Successful Transaction 9%
Maximum Success Fee Per Transaction $900
Customer Payment Method Merchant Bank Fee Seller Payment Bank Release Customer Payment Risk To Seller
Credit Card 2.9% Immediate Upon Fulfillment No Risk - Bank Captures Payment
Balance 30-Day Credit Terms 2.9% Immediate Upon Fulfillment No Risk - Bank Assumes 100% Collection
Balance 60-Day Credit Terms 4% Immediate Upon Fulfillment No Risk - Bank Assumes 100% Collection

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We work with Fastener Manufacturers to seamlessly integrate their products to support their Authorized Distributors.

Distributor Teams utilize state-of-the-art tools and dashboards to transact more business faster.

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Select how you wish to sell your products at Bay Supply.
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