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Multi-Grip Rivets


Blind multi grip rivets are designed to offer wider grip ranges than standard blind rivets. Multi-Grip means the rivet can join parts having a broad range of thicknesses, thus reducing inventory where a variety of rivet sizes might otherwise be necessary.

Multi grip rivets will accommodate oversized and irregular sized holes. These rivets expand radially, providing complete hole fill. The result is a tighter joint and added weather resistance. In addition, multi-grip rivets offer greater mandrel head retention than standard blind rivets, greater vibration resistance and create a larger blind side head for better support.

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Multi Grip Rivets | Expanding Multi-Grip Blind Rivets - Bay Supply Fasteners, Rivets, Tool Parts

About Multi-Grip Rivets

Multi-grip pop rivets are a type of blind rivet that can help you address your precision fastening needs. Multi-grip rivets offer a great range of versatility since they can be set in a variable grip range depending on the fastening thickness of the two materials. This means that the same size multi-grip rivet can be used across an entire surface, even if the surface varies in thickness in different areas. In contrast, most other rivets (like standard grip rivets) can't be used if a surface's thickness varies – you'll need to have at least two to three different sizes of rivets to complete an entire job. This lowers your chance of using the wrong rivet in an application, reduces your inventory and removes the need for unnecessary guesswork in deciding the sizes needed. 

This versatility makes multi-grip blind rivets perfect for projects involving thin-sheet, soft, brittle and low-strength materials, as well as applications where high resistance to pull-out loads is necessary. These applications can include automotive work, appliances, electrical equipment, electronics and HVAC applications. 

The Advantages of Multi-Grip Rivets

The multi-grip feature of the multi-grip pop rivet offers a wide range of advantages for application. These benefits are mainly due to the excellent bulb tail formation on the blind side of the application. Depending on the thickness of the surfaces, the tail of the multi-grip rivet body will collapse into one, two or three bulbs. In addition to accommodating varying levels of thickness, the bulb formation creates a load-bearing surface that can absorb the force of setting the rivet. 

Multi-grip blind rivets offer other benefits as well, including:

  • More Comprehensive Hole Filling: Multi-grip pop rivets can expand radially for a better fit in holes – even if those holes are irregular, oversized or misaligned. 
  • Increased Weather Resistance: With a better fitting hole fill, moisture is less likely to seep through the setting, making multi-grip sealed rivets highly weather resistant. 
  • Increased Inventory Management: A multi-grip rivet is generally able to fit three different grips, meaning you can stock one rivet for multiple grips rather than three separate rivets for the respective sizes. 
  • Consistency In Appearances: Using multiple types of rivets can take away the aesthetic appeal of an application. Multi-grip rivets streamline your inventory and add consistency to the appearance. 
  • High Resistance to Vibration: Multi-grip rivets can better withstand vibrations due to the improved hole fill. 

Additional advantages of multi-grip rivets include high shear and tensile strength, making them ideal for applications requiring a high degree of hold. Choosing a stainless steel multi-grip rivet can also provide increased corrosion resistance and high resistance to elevated temperatures. 

Multi-Grip Rivets Styles

Multi-grip rivets typically come in two body styles – the ring style produced by POP and crimp style multi-grip rivets by Avdel. Using a ring style can give more aesthetic appeal to your application on the backside due to the clean, circular collapse of the body when set. Using a crimp style puts strength and hole-filling ability first but comes with the caveat of having excess flashing on the outside of the rivet body. However, both types provide excellent rattle-free joint construction for assemblies. 

In addition to body styles, multi-grip blind rivets offer several standard head styles for varying uses. The dome head style is one of the most versatile and commonly used. Because the head has twice the diameter of the rivet body, it has a low profile lending a finished look to applications. Large flange multi-grip rivets are typically used when joining soft or brittle materials to a rigid surface. They can spread the clamping force over a large area to prevent assembly surface damage. You can also find countersunk multi-grip rivet head styles for applications that require a flush surface. These rivets require a hole to be countersunk into the material before the rivet setting. 

You also have a variety of finishes to choose from when purchasing multi-grip rivets. The three most common styles are aluminum, steel and stainless multi-grip rivets.

Shop Bay Supply for Multi-Grip Rivets

Bay Supply has multi-grip rivets for your specific applications available at great prices. We aim to provide our customers with the best selection of products possible with excellent service. Shop Bay Supply for multi-grip rivets today.

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