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Huck Floortight Rivets


Counter Sink Rivet Fasteners | Huck Floortight Rivets With Self-Countersinking Head - Bay Supply Fasteners, Rivets, Tool Parts The Huck Floortight Rivet was originally designed for large vehicle flooring installation, and is the only controlled, self-counter sinking blind fastener commercially available. Sometimes called the muscle fastener, the Floortight Rivet is ideal for all wood-to-metal applications. The self-countersinking head eliminates the secondary counter boring process in plywood and eliminates dimpling in metals.

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Huck Floortight Rivet Functionality

Huck Floortight uses the force of the mandrel pulling from the backside to securely clamp the material. Unlike self-threading screws you can be sure each Huck Floortight fastener is installed correctly every time - never over or under torqued and each fastener is installed to precisely the same depth. When you need a blind fastener ideal for plywood or plymetal there's only one choice, Huck Floortight from Alcoa fastening systems.

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