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Cutting Wax Stick | Shop BruteLube Cutting Wax - Bay Supply Fasteners and Fastening Systems

Extend the life of your tools with a cutting wax stick or fluid from Bay Supply! We sell Champion BruteLube which is a multi-purpose cutting wax formulated to extend tool life, reduce chip welding and improve performance, reducing costs in the long run. Effective on tools made of stainless steel, aluminum, ferrous, non-ferrous, and many exotic alloys, Champion BruteLube cutting wax sticks to a tool at any angle and provides continuous protection against friction and heat while sawing, drilling, tapping, grinding, cutting pipe, or performing any other tough application! Whether you want a fluid, standard wax, or stick, cutting wax and fluid lubricant products for metal cutting tools are available from Bay Supply now!

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Do You Really Need Cutting Wax?

In short — yes! Cutting wax is a great way to keep your tools stronger for longer which will help you save money. Champion BruteLube Cutting Wax is specially formulated to do just that. And with different options available, like cutting wax sticks and fluids, you can find what works best for you. So if you've got a lot of tools made of aluminum or any kind of alloy, get some cutting wax from Bay Supply.

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