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Solid Rivets


These simple devices consist of a solid shaft with a head on one end; once installed, the headless end of a solid rivet is deformed with a hammer or rivet gun to hold it in place. Perhaps the most widely-used style of rivet, solid rivets are utilized in applications where reliability and safety are important.

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Solid Rivets | Shop Solid Rivets from Bayfast & More- Bay Supply Fasteners and Fastening Systems

The Solid Rivet – Simple & Effective

Humans have used solid rivets for thousands of years. With archeological findings dating back to the Bronze Age, these simple and effective fasteners have proven to be truly reliable tools for humans to use. A solid rivet is minimal in design; it consists of a solid shaft and features a head at one end. When appropriately installed, solid rivets are considered the safest and most reliable way to fasten materials together. 


Depending on the metal used, they can be applied to different jobs. Solid aluminum rivets are commonly used for boats and aircraft because of their strength and lightness. Solid steel rivets are typically used when a more robust metal is needed and can be found in building frames and bridges. Bay Supply also carries solid rivets made from copper, brass, titanium and nickel-based alloys which are also invaluable in marine and aviation use, among other applications. Read on to find out more information on types of solid rivets offered by Bay Supply and how to use and install them effectively. 


How to Install Solid Rivets

While solid rivet installation is quick and easy, you still need to ensure you have the best solid rivet tools for the job. To install a solid rivet, place it through a pre-drilled hole, so the head sits flush with what you're working on. Once you do that, you can deform the head using a hammer or specialized rivet tools such as a rivet squeezer or rivet gun. Once the head has collapsed into a mushroom allowing for no movement, it should fit snugly against the material and be ready to maximize the strength and integrity of your finished product. It's a simple procedure but requires a keen eye and a steady hand. If using a solid rivet tool like a rivet gun, ensure you have the appropriate pressure set.


Types of Solid Rivets at Bay Supply

Bay Supply sells solid rivets in different materials and different sizes and head types, depending on your application. We carry 8mm and 10mm sized rivets for use depending on the size of the material you're looking to fasten. Ensuring you're using the correct size rivet is critical to the success of the solid rivet. When it comes to heads, there are two distinct types of solid rivets: 


100 Degree Countersunk Solid Rivets

Countersunk solid rivets are mainly used for applications when high aerodynamic efficiency is needed. Because they sit flush to the material, they're perfect for reducing drag to not slow down aircraft and boats. They are also used for appearance and aesthetic purposes, eliminating protruding heads on the exterior of objects. You can mainly find countersunk solid rivets on an aircraft's fuselage. 


Button Head Solid Rivets

We can separate button head solid rivets into four subcategories, brazier, flat head, round head and universal. These types of solid rivets are used on different structures based on integrity and interior or exterior use factors. Some types offer slight aerodynamic resistance than others based on the shape of the protruding head.   


  • Brazier Head Solid Rivets: Brazier rivets have larger diameter heads than others, and make for excellent rivets to use on thin sheet metal. They offer only slight aerodynamic resistance and are typically used for exterior use. 
  • Round Head Solid Rivets: Round head rivets are done shaped and offer a slightly higher head than others. They are used when maximum strengthening is required and are often used for interior applications. 
  • Flat Head Solid Rivets: Flat head rivets are used when maximum strength is needed, but there isn't enough clearance to use a round head rivet. They are usually never used for exterior applications. 
  • Universal Head Solid Rivets: Universal head rivets are a combination of round, flat and brazier head rivets. As the name suggests, you can use them for both interior and exterior applications. 


Purchase Solid Rivets from Bay Supply – Your Solid Rivet Suppliers Today

Now that you know more about solid rivets, you can begin to use them effectively for whatever application you want. Bay Supply offers solid rivets at excellent prices in bulk, so you can always have enough solid rivets to finish the job. We guarantee impeccable quality with our full selection of Bayfast solid rivets, so order yours today! Have question? Contact the solid rivet experts at Bay Supply today.



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