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Semi Tubular Rivets


If you're looking for excellent semi-tubular rivets (also known as hollow rivets) for your job, you've come to the right place. At Bay Supply, our semi-tubular rivet collection features products of various sizes and materials to meet the needs of your project. Each fastener is manufactured for incredible durability and can be used in multiple ways. Browse our semi-tubular rivets below or contact us with any questions.

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Semi Tubular Rivets | Buy From Our Semi Tubular Rivet Selection Online - Bay Supply Fasteners and Fastening Systems

About Semi-Tubular Rivets

When you need reliable fasteners for certain applications involving electronics or lighting solutions, semi-tubular rivets are capable of delivering unmatched performance. Made out of resilient, highly durable materials, each semi-tubular rivet will stay securely locked into place once installed and maintain its structural integrity, even in demanding conditions. In fact, the HVAC industry utilizes these types of rivets when installing systems into homes and businesses. Plus, if you use a power riveter instead of a manual semi tubular rivet tool to install these fasteners, you'll be able to complete your job much more quickly due to the high-speed properties of semi-tubular rivets. 


How to Install Semi-Tubular Rivets

Installing semi-tubular rivets can be done with various riveting tools, whether they're manual or require power. For manual installation, you'll only need to hammer them into the designated holes until the head of each rivet is flush with the material you've placed the semi-tubular rivets into. If you choose to use a power tool, installation will be just as simple. Simply take the loaded rivet gun and set it into the hole, then hold down tightly on the power tool while pressing the trigger to apply each semi-tubular rivet.


Advantages of Using Semi-Tubular Rivets

There are a few beneficial reasons for using semi-tubular rivets in objects like ladders or light fixtures. Sure, you can also use solid rivets for the same types of installation, but semi-tubular rivets offer the following advantages:


  • - Semi-tubular rivets offer excellent strength.
  • - You can purchase high-quality aluminum or premium stainless steel semi-tubular rivets.
  • - There is hardly any leftover scrap when a semi-tubular rivet is made.
  • - You can use low-power riveting tools to install them because they require much less force compared to solid rivets.
  • - You can save money by using semi-tubular rivets instead of ordinary, threaded fasteners. 


Semi-tubular rivets come with a truss, oval or flat head for full compatibility with your specific application.

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