Among the leading fastening companies around the world, Goebel Fasteners stand out due to their innovative technology and unsurpassed quality. Bay Supply is pleased to carry a wide variety of Goebel fasteners, rivets, inserts, and other tool parts. With over 1,100 Goebel products in stock, we're confident you'll find everything you need to meet the demands of your unique application or project.


Browse our variety of Goebel rivets, threaded inserts, and fastening tools in our listings below, contact us with any questions, or request a quote for special requests or larger bulk orders as needed.


Why Choose Goebel Fasteners?

Goebel Fasteners streamline your industrial operations with high-quality fasteners and tooling. Goebel is your leading source for high-capacity fasteners and has become a leading innovator in fastening solutions. Goebel blind rivets are one of the most versatile structural fasteners on the market today. Trusted by the truck and trailer industries for their performance under all-weather conditions, Goebel rivets are ideal fasteners for high-vibration applications.

Goebel Rivet Nuts For Heavy Loads

When it comes to fastenings, nothing provides more security than Goebel rivet nuts. Our  inventory of Goebel fasteners creates strong threads for load-bearing fastenings in castings, extrusions or housings. Rivet nuts are internally-threaded for use in materials that are too thin or weak for threading. Goebel rivet nuts come in aluminum, stainless steel, copper or brass. Guaranteed for reliability and sturdiness, Goebel threaded inserts are built to handle the world's toughest applications. Choose from a variety of different types such as:

  • Knurled Thread Inserts
  • Threaded Hex Inserts
  • Conventional Threaded Inserts
  • NutSert Threaded Inserts

Goebel Rivetnut Tools Make Work More Efficient

For all of your Goebel lockbolts, blind rivets and nut bolts, use Goebel rivet guns to streamline your fastening applications. Goebel provides everything from manual rivet tools to hydraulic rivet guns that give you clean, quick installation of your hardware every single time. Goebel rivets and blind rivets work in tandem with Goebel rivet guns to supercharge your projects.

Selecting The Right Goebel Blind Rivets

Finding the right fastener to use in your projects can feel overwhelming. When using blind rivets in thin or brittle materials, selecting the right one is very important. Here are a few of the different available types of Goebel blind rivets available:

  • Closed End
  • Go-Bulb
  • Go-Lock
  • Grooved
  • H-Lock
  • M-Grip
  • M-Lock
  • Multi-Grip
  • Open End
  • Peel
  • Premium

Not sure which one is right for your application? No need to worry about it any longer. Contact our specialists today and we'll help you select the right blind rivets for your project. Bay Supply has the expertise and the inventory to get the job done right the first time every time.

Get The Strength of Goebel Fasteners

When you need heavy-duty solutions, Goebel Fasteners provides heavy-duty answers. Goebel blind rivets are among the most trusted fasteners on the market today. Designed to handle high loads with superior tensile strength, Goebel rivets from Bay Supply come in hundreds of sizes and styles so you can always find the right rivet for your application. Go big, go bold with Goebel Fasteners from Bay Supply.

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