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Lg. Blind Side Structural Rivets


Structural Rivets | Large Structural Blind Rivets - Bay Supply Fasteners, Rivets, Tool Parts Lg. Blind Side Structural Rivets work similar to POP rivets but have large diameter heads and broad bulb spread that diffuses the clamp load over a large area, ensuring permanent clamp.

These structural rivets provide secure, vibration resistant fastened joints, positively retained stem or mandrel are ideal for brittle or soft sheet materials and are also great for use in oversized or misaligned holes.
During the rivet setting sequence, the tail of the rivet body collapses into a bulb shape against the blind side of the application. This creates a larger load bearing surface, which absorbs the force of setting the rivet and helping spread the setting force or clamp load across a larger area of the application thus mitigating damage to the fastened product.
During installation, a portion of the rivet body is contained within the application and expands outwardly toward the wall of the application hole until the hole is completely filled by the rivet material. This radial expansion results in a strong, vibration resistant joint & compensates for irregular, oversized, or misaligned holes. It can also stop sheet movement in applications with non-standard holes.

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Assembly Material

  • Metal to metal
  • Metal rear sheet
  • Metal to polycarbonate or plastic

Typical Applications of Lg. Blind Side Structural Rivets

  • Automotive
  • Truck & trailer
  • HVAC
  • Domestic appliances
  • Industrial equipment
  • Renewable energies

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