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Mate Rivets


Cherrymate Rivets | 2 Piece Mate Rivets - Bay Supply Fasteners and Fastening Systems

The Rivet Mate or Mate Rivet is a Cherrymate style rivet and capable of fastening multiple components up to two inches thick. Mate rivets consist of a male blind rivet and a female semi-tubular rivet. Cherrymate rivets are used in sets in assemblies where you have access to both sides. You can control the tension of the fastener which is good for plastic assembly and hinge points where you need strength but allows the assembly to move. Available in aluminum or steel in grip ranges from 3/4" to over 2".

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Advantages of Cherrymate Rivets

  • Capable of fastening multiple components up to 4 inches thick
  • vibration resistant joint that won't torque out like threaded products
  • Eliminates marring the application's surface
  • Non-Critical hole size allows for easier application preparation & drilling methods
  • Utilizes standard, hand held, or power rivet tools for easy fastening.

Assembly Material for Cherrymate Rivets

  • Metal to metal
  • Plastic to plastic
  • Metal to plastic
  • Metal rear sheet
  • Various composite materials.

Typical Applications for Cherrymate Rivets:

  • Playground equipment
  • Furniture
  • Racks
  • Stadium seating
  • Street signs.

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