Nutsert Inserts

Nutserts | Best Nutsert Installation Tool Inserts - Bay Supply Fasteners, Rivets, Tool Parts A Nut-Sert insert is a round threaded insert with a low profile flange for near flush installation.

Nutserts are designed with internal threads and a swaged body that collapses upon installation. these are blind threaded inserts that may be installed from a single side access.

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We carry a wide variety of nut serts at Bay Supply, so you're sure to find the right tools for your application. Need minimal backside thread protrusion? Check out our standard nutsert splined collection. Working with thick fiberglass? You might want the "W" style nutsert (knurled). We even have Supersert structural locking nutserts available. And with brands like Avdel, Atlas and AVK, you know you're getting quality products. Shop for nutserts at Bay Supply now!

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