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Nutserts | Best Nutsert Installation Tool Inserts - Bay Supply Fasteners, Rivets, Tool PartsA Nut-Sert insert is a round threaded insert with a low profile flange for near flush installation.

Nutserts are designed with internal threads and a swaged body that collapses upon installation. these are blind threaded inserts that may be installed from a single side access.

Nutserts | Best Nutsert Installation Tool Inserts - Bay Supply Fasteners, Rivets, Tool Parts

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We carry a wide variety of nut serts at Bay Supply, so you're sure to find the right tools for your application. Need minimal backside thread protrusion? Check out our standard nutsert splined collection. Working with thick fiberglass? You might want the "W" style nutsert (knurled). We even have Supersert structural locking nutserts available. And with brands like Avdel, Atlas and AVK, you know you're getting quality products. Shop for nutserts at Bay Supply now!


What is a Nutsert?

Nutserts are internally-threaded rivet nuts that can be used to add threads to a material that is too thin to have them otherwise. They are commonly used when working with plastic, fiberglass or stainless steel that is a ¼" thick or less. Rivnuts and nutserts are placed in pre-drilled holes and tightened to provide a threaded passage for traditional bindings, like machine screws or bolts. This allows for quick, easy joining of thinner working materials. While rivet nuts generally come in aluminum, nutserts come in a variety of metals and compositions. Full stainless steel nutserts and aluminum nutserts with stainless steel heads are common and used in a variety of industries and applications. Rivet nuts have been used for decades and are ideal for use with plastics, woods, ceramics and metals. A nutsert is often used to replace stripped threads that have developed.


Common Nutsert Insert Varieties

There are a few common categories of rivet nut inserts:

  • Thin-wall inserts - Also referred to as threaded bushings, these rivet nut inserts typically come in round or full-hexagonal designs. They generally have closed-end designs and are used in applications where hole size and overall weight are concerns.
  • Thick-wall inserts - Sometimes called nutserts, these rivet nut inserts are based on the original design developed for airplane manufacturing in the 1930s. Nutserts use a single tubular body with internal threading. They can also come in round or hexagonal body types. Thick-wall inserts such as superserts are used extensively in the aerospace and defense industries for their high-strength applications.
  • Euro-style inserts - Generally offered in a full range of metric sizes and body styles such as semi-hex, full-hex, heavy-hex or round body designs.
  • Stud-style inserts - Designed to allow you to fasten with a simple nut instead of a bolt, creating a lower profile for your nutsert installation. They have identical bodies to thin-wall rivet nut inserts and include semi-hex or knurled shafts to prevent unwanted turning.


How To Install Nutserts

Nutsert installation requires a few simple steps.

  1. Drill pilot holes through the two materials you wish to join. They can be from a variety of materials including plastic, stainless steel or wood.
  2. Slot the nutsert into the material. Using a rivet nut insert tool, apply pressure to the insert which bulges on the blind side to secure the nutsert to the material
  3. Place the second material to be joined over the hole and insert the proper bolt. Tighten it until it is securely in place. The internal threads of the nutsert will guide the bolt and fasten the materials together.

There are a number of rivet nut insert tools that can be used, from hand-powered to pneumatic. The tool you need will depend on the materials being joined and how often you need to use them for installation. Hand-powered tools are the least expensive option but are not as fast as pneumatic or battery-powered nutsert insert tools. Speak with a Bay Supply expert to find the proper tool for your needs.


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