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Tanged Free Running


Tanged Free Running Inserts | Shop Recoil Tanged Free Running Inserts & More - Bay Supply Fasteners and Fastening Systems Tanged Free Running Helical Inserts are extremely flexible fasteners. The resilient characteristics of each coil in a helical Insert allows it to adjust independently to secure the maximum surface contact with individual threads in the parent material. As a result, loads are distributed more evenly. Stress and fatigue concentrations are reduced to maximize thread strength and increase the reliability and life of the fastening system.

The stainless steel used resists corrosion under normal environmental conditions. Galvanic action within the thread assembly is reduced, further adding to the life of the fastening assembly. Typically, these Inserts are used with temperatures from -320F degrees to +800F degrees (-195.6C to +426.7C).
Precision engineering, exacting manufacturing standards, and stringent quality control procedures assure a high quality product that meets or exceeds all applicable military and aerospace standards.
A complete range of free-running sizes are available in bulk or strip feed reels and are offered in both Unified and metric sizes.

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